A4MEMS high-voltage amplifier modules

A4MEMS high-voltage amplifierA4MEMS is a low-cost high-voltage DC amplifier. A4MEMS measures 110 x 60 x 30mm. It provides 0 ... 300 V output in 4 independent channels. Voltage ranges up to 0 ... 400 V are available on a special order. The unit does not require any external high voltage supply and can be powered from any 15 V 200 mA laboratory supply. A4MEMS was specially designed as a quick low-cost solution for prototyping of multichannel high-voltage MEMS circuits. Each of its 4 independent amplifiers with gain of 59 is capable of driving capacitive loads up to 10 nF in the frequency range of DC to 250 Hz. 1 nF loads can be driven in the frequency range of up to 1 kHz, with full 300 V amplitude. A4MEMS is usable for driving a wide variety of electrostatic and piezoelectric actuators. A4MEMS features a complete short circuit protection – the unit can continuously operate with all 4 outputs connected to the ground, regardless of the state of its inputs. Several units can be combined for quick prototyping of multi-channel high-voltage drivers in telecom applications and adaptive optics. The device have single common ground for all inputs, outputs and the power supply. Technical data.

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