New, third edition of our Product Guide is out! It contains descriptions of our new mirrors and wavefront sensor configuration, technical drawings of the mirror cases, updated section on the mirror performance and extended FAQ section. Download the new version in pdf-format here or contact us for a hard copy.

OKO Technologies announces new 50mm PDM with 37 actuators.

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A free version of our Windows software for modeling of the response of membrane and piezoelectric deformable mirrors is available for download (Warning, the file size is ~150 MB!).

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FrontSurfer software version 1.3.8 is released. It allows operating with manually defined aperture of circular, elliptic, square or rectangular shape and implementing custom optimization from a user-defined DLL.
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On Dec 3,  2009, we moved to a new location. 

Our new mail adress is: 

Flexible Optical BV,
Polakweg 10-11,

2288 GG  Rijswijk ZH,
the Netherlands

Tel. +31-(0)70- 2629420
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