15 mm 37-ch "OKO Mirror"

mmdm37 sThis is probably the most popular deformable mirror ever made. In production since 1997, hundreds of these devices are used by scientists and engineers in all kinds of adaptive optics project, including laser beam control, real time atmospheric correction, ophthalmology, intracavity laser control, communications, holographic memory, optical fiber switching, etc.

Properties of these mirrors are described in numerous scientific publications. Available with Al and gold coatings as standard, custom orders for protected silver and multilayer laser coatings available. The deflection range measured in the centre of the membrane is about 25 fringes at 633nm. In addition to standard silicon nitride-based mirrors, we produce mirrors with thicker polysilicon membrane, featuring higher reliability and snap-on protection.

For more technical information, please download the technical passport of a typical 15-mm 37-actuator MMDM.