Welcome to Flexible Optical B.V.

Adaptive mirrors from OKO

Flexible Optical B.V. (OKO Tech) is a small Dutch business operating in the field of research and application-oriented development of laser and high resolution imaging adaptive optics. From its foundation in 1997, OKO offers high-quality deformable mirrors  featuring  extremely smooth surface with HR metal and dielectric coatings suitable for most demanding imaging and high power laser applications.



Legal info

  • Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number: 27193416
  • VAT: NL809441056B01
  • Tradenames:
    • Flexible Optical B.V.
    • OKO Technologies
  • Active from: 26-10-2000
  • Registered at: Rotterdamseweg 133, 2628 AK  Delft
  • Visiting address: Polakweg 10, 2288 GG  Rijswijk
  • Telephone: +31 70 262 94 20
  • Web: www.okotech.com