AO system overview

OKO AO system for amateur telescope

Flexible Optical BV supplies complete closed-loop adaptive optical systems for real-time correction of optical aberrations and generation of precision wavefronts. Please see below a short video illustrating the typical performance of our AO system, or click here to download it in DIVX format.
Applications include scientific instrumentation, astronomy, ophthalmology, laser optics and optical alignment systems. Click here for published work based on our mirrors.

We supply closed-loop AO systems based on Micromachined Membrane Deformable Mirrors (MMDM) with up to 79 channels and Piezoelectric Deformable Mirrors (PDM) with 19, 37, 79 and 109 channels. Aberration correction is possible in  circular, rectangular, annular, elliptic and annular elliptic apertures.   The feedback frame rates of 30 ... 1500 fps,  depending on the camera and computer used,   are sufficient for correction of  aberrations caused by the atmospheric turbulence.  

Real-time AO phase control is realized by our FrontSurfer Hartmann-Shack WF sensor, offering a wide variety of control options including SVD eigenmode analysis, mode filtering, operations with the background, etc . 

We can also supply deformable mirror systems with linear 19 and 38-ch MMDM and 20-ch PDM for ultrafast pulse shaping. These application-specific systems should be controlled by a customer-made feedback sensors and software.

For our Chinese customers, the video is available here