BeamTuner: laser beam correction by optimizing the focal spot

BeamTuner is a simple to use Windows application for compensating of a static aberration in an optical system with a deformable mirror (DM). The software doesn't require any wavefront sensor, as it uses the focal spot image as the feedback. During  optimization,   the BeamTuner tries to find the best set of DM controls to minimise the focal spot. The set of control signals can be saved to be used later or in other applications.

BeamTuner's minimalistic interface allows user to set up important control parameters and start/stop optimisation. The next two images show focal spot image before (left) and after (right) optimisation. Before the experiment, the mirror was set to zero state (middle of its operational range, bias), then the beam was focused on the sensor surface by manual adjusting of the camera position. After that aberration simulator was introduced, then optimization started. Intensity is scaled, otherwise defocused light is barely visible.

Screenshot of BeamTuner, focal spot before and after optimisation. 

The following video shows the optimisation process.

For our Chinese customers, the video is available here.

You can download the BeamTuner manual by this link.