Bipolar high-voltage amplifier

OKO introduces Bipolar DC HV amplifier. The unit has 8 independent channels with a gain of 50, each producing output in the range of -300 to +300 V. These amplifiers are designed to drive piezoelectric tube actuators and tip-tilt stages. Application include adaptive optics, beam control, and scanning microscopes. The module features compact 40 × 200 × 280 mm size, weight of 1,2 kg, 30 W energy consumption, and works in any country with AC power supply in the range from 85 to 250 V. Full signal response is linear from DC to 9 kHz on a 200 pF load, from DC to 4 kHz on a 4 nF load and from DC to 700 Hz on a 22 nF load. The delay between the input and the output, does not exceed 30 μs, with a 200 pF loads.