Deformable mirror optimized for low-order Zernike terms

Our new 19-channel piezo DM has been specially designed for correction of  low-order aberrations. By locating 18  of 19 mirror's actuators outside the 20-mm aperture, we achieved perfect correction of the first 15 Zernike polynomials practically without any actuator print-through.

defoc-3mic_cr.jpgastig4_5mic_cr.jpgPlease read our article in Optics Express to learn more   about the theoretical background. The interferograms registered live in a Twyman-Green interferometer (not a HS reconstruction!) demonstrate the low-order Zernike polynomials generated by the mirror.

You can also download the .ef configuration file for the mirror to test it in the free version of our MrFit mirror simulation software.