40-ch 16-bit Ethernet DAC

Flexible Optical B.V. presents new 40-channel 16-bit DAC  unit with Ethernet interface, featuring 2 kHz refresh rate for all 40 channels simultaneously.

Ethernet DAC unit"EDAC40" is a digital-to-analog converter unit with Ethernet 100Base-TX network interface. It provides 40 analog output channels with amplitude resolution of 16 bits and refresh rate up to 2 kHz via UDP or TCP protocols. The device features bipolar output amplifier with software adjustable gain and offset, which allows to tune the device to the needs of particular application without sacrificing the dynamic range. Full signal span is up to 12 V, maximum and minimum values could be adjusted in the range from -12 V to +12 V. Multiple devices may be combined within network to control practically unlimited number of channels.  Since Ethernet and TCP/IP are ubiquitous modern standards, the usage of the device is not limited to any particular hardware/software platform.  

Technical parameters
 Analog outputs  40
 Output resolution  16 bits (65536 levels)
 Maximum output span  12 V (adjustable)
 Minimum output level  -12 V (adjustable)
 Output mode  synchronous for all channels
 Load capacitance, each channel  ≤ 2200 pF
 Supply power  +5 V DC
 Network protocols for data  UDP, TCP (port 1234)
 Frame (40ch) refresh TCP  100...300 Hz
 Frame (40ch) refresh UDP  2.5 kHz


For more details, please download the  manual. You can also download the latest SDK here.