Our standard adaptive optical systems are based on Windows PCs, high-voltage amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters (DAC) serving as interface between a PC and an amplifier. We have developed a number of interfaces and amplifiers that allow to control high-voltage deformable mirrors with up to 2 kHz frequency, voltage up to 400V with a precision of 8 (PCI), 12 (USB), or 16 (Ethernet) bits.

OKO PCI boards allow to control up to 24 channels with a single board, the number of boards per PC is practically unlimited. The refresh time is better than 1 microsecond per channel, all channels of the board can be controlled independently in any order.

A single USB DAC or Ethernet DAC module allows to control 40 channels with refresh frequency of 1 or 2 kHz and precision of 12 or 16 bits. These modules can be used in parallel to control 80, 120... etc. channels with refresh frequency of up to 2 kHz.

To drive adaptive optics devices with small number of actuators, such as tip-tilt correctors we offer special scaled-down 4-channel vesion of USB DAC.