LightPipes for Mathcad and Matlab

 LightPipes for Mathcad and LightPipes for Matlab is a set of functions written in C available to Mathcad or Matlab. It is designed to model coherent optical devices when the diffraction is essential. The toolbox consists of a number of functions. Each function represents an optical element or a step in the light propagation. There are apertures, intensity filters, beam-splitters, lenses and models of free space diffraction in LightPipes. There are also more advanced tools for manipulating the phase and amplitude of the light. The program operates on a large data structure, containing square two-dimensional arrays of complex amplitudes of the optical field of the propagating light beam.

The LightPipes for Mathcad version of LightPipes has a number of advantages:

  • enhanced readability of the document with text added to the commands;
  • the graphics-, animation- and other features of Mathcad can be combined with the LightPipes commands;
  • you can use variable arguments in the function calls and handle complex data structures in a very simple way;
  • enhanced flexibility and fast execution.

The LightPipes for Matlab version is less readable but the user can benefit of the huge amount of functions that Matlab offers.

Download a DEMO version of LightPipes for Mathcad or LightPipes for Matlab.

Download the manual.



          Spot of Poisson
          Round hole
          Long narrow slit


          Newton rings
          Wedged thin film
          Young's interferometer


           Stable resonator with gain
          Empty, rectangular unstable resonator

Phase recovery

           Phase recovery