Download LightPipes for Mathcad and Matlab

Download a demonstration version of LightPipes for Mathcad or LightPipes for Matlab.
The demonstration version is identical to the full version but has a restriction of the number of grid points. It is limited to 64 x 64 grids. If you run the examples with the demonstration version you have to reduce the number of grid points to 64 (replace: N=250 by N=64).

LightPipes for Mathcad

Mathcad 14
Mathcad 15

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows
Mathcad 14  or 15


  1. Download and execute the installation file.
  2. LightPipes for Mathcad will be installed in your Mathcad directory (default: C:\Program Files (x86) )
  3. The installation program will add the following files and directories to this directory:
    .\Mathcad15\doc\LightPipes for Mathcad Manual.pdf     the LightPipes for Mathcad manual
    .\Mathcad15\doc\funcdoc\LPMcad_EN.xml                      for the "insert function" menu item in Mathcad
    .\Handbook\LPMcadHelp.hbk                                               for the LightPipes for Mathcad Help "Mathcad handbook"
    .\Handbook|LPMcadHelp|LPHelp                                        two directories for the "Mathcad handbook" containing examples and help xmcd- Mathcad files
    .\userefi\LPMcad14.dll                                                             a "Mathcad user dll" containing the LightPipes functions written in C++
  4. The installation program does not change the Windows register so that you could remove these files simply using the explorer without any consequence to Mathcad.
    However it is easier  to remove LightPipes for Mathcad using the Control Panel or by running the installation program again.
  5. When you install the full version of LightPipes for Mathcad, you must remove the DEMO version first. Otherwise Mathcad will generate a warning that the LightPipes functions are defined twice.


Download the manual of LightPipes for Mathcad.


LightPipes for Matlab

Windows 32 bit
Windows 64 bit

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows or Macintosh
Matlab 7 or higher.
This version of LightPipes for Matlab has been tested for Matlab version 7


  1. Make a new directory where you want to install LightPipes for Matlab, for example: D:\Matlab\
  2. Copy 'LightPipes for Matlab7' to this directory and unzip this file (xx = 32: Windows 32 bits; xx = 64: windows 64 bits). (The unzip program can be obtained for free from:
  3. Start Matlab and add your new directory to the 'path': File, Set Path.., Use: 'Add with Subfolders', save, close.
  4. Test LightPipes by executing some of the examples, for example type 'TwoHoles' in the Matlab command window.
  5. Help can be obtained by typing a command without arguments: for example type 'LPBegin'. There are a number of examples included in the examples directory.  Read the manual for more details.

The Acrobat reader can be downloaded for free from:


Download the manual of LightPipes for Matlab.


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