Linear deformable mirrors

OKO Tech produces membrane and piezoelectric DM for ultrafast pulse control. These mirrors are usually used in a stretcher for selective control of the delays of chosen spectral components.

Linear PDM for pulse compression

Linear PDMThe linear piezoelectric deformable mirror for femtosecond pulse shaping has 10x50mm active area, controlled by two rows of 10 actuators each. The actuator pitch is 5 mm. The maximum surface deflection is 6 um, the profile difference between the adjacent actuators can reach 3um. The initial figure is slightly spherical. The mirror can be custom coated with low-dispersion dielectrics and metal-dielectric coatings. Short (4.1MB) interferometric video of the moving mirror surface. The mirror can be supplied with a complete set of control electronics, including 20-ch 400 V amplifier unit and a 20 (40)-ch USB DAC unit (or a 24-ch 8-bit PCI DAC card) for interfacing to a PC. Full technical description can be downloaded here.

Linear MMDM for pulse compression

The linear membrane DM represents an attractive alternative to LC wavefront correctors for femtosecond pulse compression and precise control and optimization of the temporal/spectral pulse parameters. They feature very low dispersion, negligible power consumption, high optical quality which is usually better than 2 fringes over the whole aperture, fast response and large correction range. These mirrors can be coated with high-reflective dielectric coatings to be used in lasers at power levels of up to 500W CW. Negligible hysteresis. The linear MMDM are available with 19 and 38 (2x19) actuator structures, with 11x39mm membrane. For the technical details, please see the corresponding technical passport.