Micromachined membrane deformable mirrors (MMDM) with apertures in the range of 10 to 50 mm represent a high-quality affordable solution for the correction of dynamic wavefront deformations in laser systems and telescopes:

  • MMDM are small and light, especially compared to continuous faceplate piezoelectric mirrors;
  • Negligible power consumption;
  • High optical quality, better than 400 nm rms over the whole aperture;
  • Very smooth surface: the scattering is negligible;
  • Large correction range - up to 25 µm in total wavefront deformation;
  • These mirrors can be coated with metal and metal-dielectric coatings: to be used in lasers at power levels of up to 600 W CW;
  • Zero hysteresis;
  • Negligible parameter drift.


Some of our standard MMDM are presented below. For a complete overview of our standard deformable mirrors, please refer to our Product Guide. To request a custom-designed MMDM, please contact us using the form on the left.

MMDM17TT 300 15-mm MMDM with 17 actuators and integrated tip-tilt stage has been specially designed for correction of low-order aberrrations.

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mmdm37 sThis is probably the most popular deformable mirror ever made. In production since 1997, hundreds of these devices are used by scientists and engineers in all kinds of adaptive optics project, including laser beam control, real time atmospheric correction, ophthalmology, intracavity laser control, communications, holographic memory, optical fiber switching, etc.

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