MrFit is out

MrFit is a program for simulation of membrane and continuous facesheet deformable mirrors ("Mr" means mirror and "Fit" means to fit a specied wavefront). It calculates the voltages to be applied to the actuators to achieve the best possible compensation for a specified wavefront aberration, defined as a combination of Zernike terms.

The program shows the surfaces of the wavefront, the best fit with a specified DM, and the approximation error. The output can be obtained as a grayscale plot, interferogram, or a 3D surface. The software can take into account the effects caused by the clipping of the actuator voltages, providing realistic output accounting for the limited stroke of the DM actuators. For more information, please refer to the program manual.

The full commercial version of the program will simulate any circular membrane or a continuous facesheet DM, with any number and geometry of actuators.

A free version of the software can be downloaded here. It simulates only the deformable mirrors produced by OKO Technologies.

Please contact OKO Technologies for any further information about the commercial and the free version of the software.