MADEin4 Logo Flexible Optical B.V. is a member of MADEin4 project, a consortium that develops next generation metrology tools, machine learning methods and applications in support of Industry 4.0 high-volume manufacturing in the semiconductor and automotive manufacturing industries.

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BeamTuner is a perfect software to generate easily an aberration-free reference beam in an Adaptive Optics breadboard. And untill the end of 2016, we include it free of charge with any AO breadboard we ship! Please contact us for more details.

OKO introduces a line of laser deformable mirrors (DM). These DMs feature highly reflective coatings with reflectivity of up to 99.998%, for the most frequently used laser wavelengths of 1060 nm, 530 nm,  and any other wavelength in the range of 250 to 2500 nm. The standard DMs have light aperture  of 30mm and 50mm, and can have 18,19 and 37 actuators (30 and 50mm diameter), and also 59, 69, 79 and 109 actuators (50mm diameter). Mirrors can work with continuous laser loads of up to tens of kW. The power handling ability is enchanced by active cooling of the mirror structure with embedded cooling fan.  

Flexible Optical BV is one of SME participants in DIGIGLASSES project, developing an innovating sight augmenting tool for visual impaired people. For details and progress, please check the project web site.

In July 2013 OKO released the BeamDoctor  system  for the  beam quality optimisation. The system is based on the  BeamTuner software and can include any OKO deformable mirror. Using only the focal spot image, the software automatically, in a number of iterations,  optimizes  the control signals to the the deformable mirror, to compensate for the  static aberration. The BeamTuner includes: The BeamTuner software,  a deformable mirror with appropriate computer interface and drivers,  and  inexpensive CMOS or CCD camera for the focal spot sensor. The system also can be used to compensate aberrations of imaging systems,  using real-time image sharpness as the optimization metric.   

We have just introduced a new membrane deformable mirror  integrated with a piezoelectrical tip-tilt stage. The mirror has 15 mm diameter and 17 actuators, with  the geometry optimized for the correction of low-order aberrations. The integrated tip-tilt stage allows to avoid the double use of the pupil-conjugated plane and to build compact and simple adaptive optical systems. For more detail, please read the mirror description and our recent technical article


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