Correction of an aberration using our 37ch piezoelectric deformable mirror: interferograms  before and after  correction.

OKO introduces  20-ch linear piezoelectric deformable mirror for femtosecond pulse shaping.  The mirror has 10x50mm active area, controlled by two rows of 10 actuators each. Actuator pitch is 5 mm. Maximum surface deflection is 8 um, figure difference between adjacent actuators can reach 3um. The initial figure is slightly spherical. The mirror can be custom coated with dielectrics and metal-dielectrics. Short (4.1MB) interferometric video of the moving mirror surface.   The mirror can be supplied with a complete set of control electronics, including 20-ch 400 V amplifier unit and a 20 (40)-ch USB DAC unit (or a 24-ch 8-bit PCI DAC card) for interfacing to a PC. Full technical description can be downloaded: click here (PDF, download and then open from disk).