We announce the release of  new, updated version of A4MEMS, our 3-channel high-voltage amplifier for quick MEMS prototyping.  This unit is capable of driving capacitive loads in a wide frequency range and is indispensable tool for operating various types of electrostatic and piezoelectric actuators. In the new version we have significantly improved the frequency response of the amplifier gain, extending the operational regime up to 2 kHz for 4 nF load, along with the other usability enhancements. For details see the corresponding article.

OKO Technologies announces new 50mm PDM with 79 actuators.

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OKO introduces 20(40)-ch high-voltage amplifier units  for  membrane  and piezoelectric  deformable mirrors. Features small (40x200x280mm) size, active cooling, low  (20W)  energy  consumption  and  wide  range  of  AC power supply voltages  (85 to 250V). Full signal 400V response is linear from DC to 1kHz  on  a  loads  of  up  to  15nF. Unlimited number of units can be combined to drive deformable mirrors with more than 40 channels.

Correction of an aberration using our 37ch piezoelectric deformable mirror: interferograms  before and after  correction.

OKO introduces  20-ch linear piezoelectric deformable mirror for femtosecond pulse shaping.  The mirror has 10x50mm active area, controlled by two rows of 10 actuators each. Actuator pitch is 5 mm. Maximum surface deflection is 8 um, figure difference between adjacent actuators can reach 3um. The initial figure is slightly spherical. The mirror can be custom coated with dielectrics and metal-dielectrics. Short (4.1MB) interferometric video of the moving mirror surface.   The mirror can be supplied with a complete set of control electronics, including 20-ch 400 V amplifier unit and a 20 (40)-ch USB DAC unit (or a 24-ch 8-bit PCI DAC card) for interfacing to a PC. Full technical description can be downloaded: click here (PDF, download and then open from disk).

OKO technologies offers a new line of driver electronics for high-power laser diodes. These drivers were developed and manufactured  in Russia. They offer exceptional versatility, precision and stability for a very reasonable price.


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