Piezoelectric DM

PDM 37ch 30mmOKO Technologies produces low-cost piezoelectric deformable mirrors (PDM) with clear aperture of 30 mm and 50 mm, for laser and imaging applications. The full surface stroke is 6 μm standard, with maximum stroke between the adjacent actuators in the range 1 to 3 μm. The DM is controlled by OKO HV amplifer(s) and interfaced to a PC using 8-bit PCI12-bit USB, or 16-bit Ethernet controller(s). The full-amplitude mechanical response of the mirror is faster than 150 microsecond, but usually the response time is limited to 0.5 ms by the control electronics. For high power laser applications, the surface can be coated with a broad range of HR metal and multilayer dielectric coatings. PDM easily integrates with OKO FrontSurfer wavefront sensor into a complete closed-loop adaptive optical system running with frame frequency of 15 to 100 Hz.  For direct laser beam optimization, the  DM can be comnined with the BeamTuner optimization controller, consisting of optimization software and focal spot (brightness) sensor.  Applications include dynamic correction of optical aberrations in high power laser, astronomical and imaging systems.