Wavefront Sensors

Our wavefront sensor systems include:

  • FrontSurfer stand-alone software for Windows. The program reconstructs the wavefront from a spot pattern obtained with hexagonal, orthogonal or random Hartmann (-Shack) mask with arbitrary number of subapertures. The software supports standard video interfaces on Windows. In "Alignment" mode the software is capable of real-time dynamic display of low-order aberrations in polar coordinates or bar-graph format. In the feedback mode, the program couples with OKO deformable mirror and can be used for low-cost real-time adaptive optics.
  • FrontSurfer calibrated Hartmann masks with hexagonal and orthogonal geometries, designed to work with 1/2 inch CCD arrays. Can be supplied as a stand-alone component (square 10x10mm) or in a C-mount compatible head.
  • Wide range of microlens arrays for Hartmann-Shack sensors. Each array can be supplied standalone, Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, measurement heador mounted in a C-mount compatible head.
  • FrontSurfer - compatible HR CCD and CMOS cameras with PC video interface for Windows operating system.