USB control unit

USB control unit; front viewDigital-to-analog converter unit "DAC-40-USB" provides 12-bit voltage control for 40 output channels. The output voltage range can be trimmed continuously in the range 1.25 ... 5 V for all channels. Several units can be used simultaneously with a single PC. These units are applicable to a range of environments when a simultaneous independent control of a large number of analog output channels is required.

Technical parameters
Parameter Value
 Analog outputs  40
 Output range  0...5 V
 Output resolution  12 bits (4096 levels)
 Output mode  synchronous for all channels
 Range of the adjustment
 of the maximum control voltage
 1.25 ...5 V
 Ohmic load, each channel  ≥ 100 kΩ
 Load capacitance, each channel  ≤ 500 pF
 Power  provided via USB port


For more details, please download the unit manual.