Zernike Commander: simulation and visualization

Zernike Commander is a simple yet useful software tool suitable for education, real-time aberration visualization as well as for generation of test Hartmann image patterns. The software accepts an wavefront aberration described in the form of Zernike coefficients as well as parameters of Schack-Hartmann  wavefront sensor as its input and produces the following graphical results: 3D representation of wavefront phase, interference pattern, far-field intensity distribution, Hartmann pattern, overview of Zernike modes.

Besides of entering Zerinke coefficients manually, through GUI, it is also possible to get the data from some external source via UDP socket. Socket mechanism is very flexible and the the application sourcing data can be run on either the same computer or remotely. Thus, it is possible to use the software for real time visualization of the wavefront measurements performed by some third-party software. One such example is FrontSurfer 1.x program, which has UDP logging functionality.

Screenshot of the software


Demo version of Zernike Commader